Ski shoe & bootfitting

Perfectly fitted shoes & exact fitting quality

Feet are like fingerprints – no two are alike, each one is individual. That’s why it’s very rare that a ski boot right off the shelf fits like a glove. 

In order to offer you a unique skiing experience, each ski boot must be individually adapted to the foot whether it’s about modifying the inner shoe, the buckle, or the sole. To ensure that your ski boots fit correctly for an unforgettable sports experience, we use the specially developed foot scan by Flowmouldtechnik from Lenz in our SunUp sports shops in Sölden. With this ski boot fitting, the exact foot measurements – i.e. length, width, and heel width – can be determined very quickly. At the same time, a professional stress analysis is done.

Perfectly fitted insoles in 3 minutes: a permanent and precise fitting quality is achieved by directly heating the sole core.

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The perfectski shoe insole

With a custom-made Orthema insole, your ski boots will fit even better. Through precise analysis and 3D measurements, our SunUp Sports shoe fitting specialists can identify your exact pressure distribution and based on this data, design an insole that is integrated into your inner shoe with millimeter precision and is optimally adapted to you and your foot profile. It has been scientifically proven that the risk of injury to the foot and ankle area is significantly reduced with an appropriate insole and performance is increased at the same time.

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The perfect insole

The advantage of a perfect insole/sole:

  • Relaxation of the shoulder and neighboring muscles
  • Relief of strain on the spine and hips
  • Protection of the joints and tendons
  • Siginficant reduction in strain in the knee area 
  • Better distribution of pressure 
  • Pain-free skiing
  • More precise ski control possible
  • Increase in performance capability
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